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Removal of 'residents only' parking sign

Reported in the Road Traffic Signs and Road Markings category by Nick Sheppard at 09:50, Wed 29 May 2019

Sent to Oxfordshire County Council 5 minutes later

The sign at the entrance to Lambourne Crescent in Bicester, advising that parking is for residents only, has been removed - I assume maliciously as I'm sure residents would have been notified of any plans to change the parking restrictions.

Would you please arrange for a new 'residents only' parking sign to be put in place. Could I also suggest that a second sign be added, to the other entrance post - the previous sign was only visible to drivers approaching the Crescent from the centre of Bicester, drivers approaching from the other direction couldn't see the sign advising that parking is for residents only.

Thank you

Council ref: ENQ19834078

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  • Thank you for your enquiry. This issue has been passed onto the relevant team for investigation.

    State changed to: Investigating

    Posted by Oxfordshire County Council at 09:55, Wed 29 May 2019

  • Good morning. Yet again residents in Lambourne Crescent are having to put up with non residents using their street as a car park. People are now parking from 6-7am until 5-6pm and then heading either to Bicester Village train station, the Bicester Children and Family centre offices on Launton Road or town to work. How much revenue are the councils losing due to this. Every day cars are now double parked on either edge of the road/roundabout and I had to turn away a delivery yesterday (2nd Sept) as the cars had blocked safe access. I dread to think what would happen if an ambulance or fire engine required access. The hassle of them trying to gain access could cause severe injury or loss of life. On Sunday 1st September at approx 9am my sister (who lives at number 8 Lambourne Cresent) had to approach a car (Reg: KK57 ETZ Silver Toyota) as the couple inside were having SEX!! Once approached the girl pulled her top back on and proceeded to try and drive away only to hit the car parked behind. Do we really have to now put up with this type of behaviour as absolutely disgusting. Not all the residents have off street parking and many of them struggle to park in their own street due to others using it as a way of getting out of parking charges. After years of problems this matter now needs to be looked into as a matter of urgency as the residents are pretty hacked off with the whole situation. It’s bad enough that we can’t park on our own street, put up with other delivery vehicles being unable to gain access but now it is being used as a dogging site. We no longer wished to be fobbed off with excuses, no action has been taken since the issue was last raised in May! We all pay our council tax and something needs to be done immediately.

    Posted anonymously at 10:46, Tue 3 September 2019

  • Could I please have an update on my request dated 29 May 2019 for the reinstatement of the 'residents only' parking sign that was removed from the post at the entrance to Lambourne Crescent, Bicester. My report was acknowledged on 29 May and was passed to the investigation team - surely it doesn't take over three months to investigate?

    The problem is ongoing and getting worse, as reported on 3 September 2019.

    Could Lambourne Crescent residents please have a response immediately advising what action has been taken and what your plans are to ensure that non-residents are prevented from parking in the Crescent.

    Thank you

    Nick Sheppard (24 Lambourne Crescent)

    Posted by Nick Sheppard at 08:51, Wed 4 September 2019

  • Update...2 cars yet again parking for a week in lambourne crescent and not residents car reg LC09WRZ & KR10VOD plus I was 5 seconds away from not being able to turn into my drive due to a lady parking and leaving a tiny space to drive through. After asking her to move I got a mouthful of abuse then she moved to outside a lady on the corner of lambourne and proceded to go off to town I belive. It's just getting ridiculous now.

    Posted anonymously at 09:19, Fri 6 September 2019

  • Both Cars LC09 WRZ and KR10VOD still parked in lambourne crescent as if abandoned! LC09WRZ now been parked for 3 weeks and not moved ! Some days it's so difficult to get round cresent and bin men Friday once again tight getting through due to parking !! How much is the council losing in all day parking in Bicester!! If these were made to park on proper parking places maybe enough money could be made to fix/repair paths and roads

    Posted anonymously at 14:45, Sun 22 September 2019

  • Yet again cars are using Lambourne Crescent as a car park. As well as LC09WRZ being abandoned here for now almost a month there is also a Vauxhall Astra reg OE04 UKM which parks here daily during the week and a Toyota Rav 4 reg SK04 XWW which parks on a regular basis. Prior to the Residents Only sign being removed the owner of the vehicle SK04 XWW was asked by my husband to move as it is a residents only street to which he received a mouthful of abuse. These are not the only cars that park here on a regular basis and be assured that I will be updating this page regularly with information on these vehicles.

    Posted anonymously at 11:53, Mon 23 September 2019

  • 30/09 - Yet again the early morning influx of cars parking in Lambourne Crescent. In addition to the cars above there is also KL68 ACU, KM60 YYC, HD57 MJK, EE13 SSE & OU68 XEN that park here daily or on a regular basis & again heading off to Bicester village station or the council offices on Launton Road. Oh the irony that if Bicester residents wish to use the town centre facilities they have to pay for the parking whereas council workers get to park for free taking up residents parking. All the other streets around the town/train station now have restricted/residents parking so why are we being continually ignored despite the fact this problem has been going on for years!

    Posted anonymously at 09:03, Mon 30 September 2019

  • Update from earlier post on 30/09. Two further vehicles F1 LSB & YG09 EEY have now joined the parking party! YG09 EEY (who also parks here on a regular basis) has parked on the entry corner opposite other non resident cars making entry to the Crescent for larger vehicles nigh on impossible. Out of the cars in Lambourne Crescent today 10 belong to non-residents. .

    Posted anonymously at 09:46, Mon 30 September 2019

  • Good morning Not for the first time, I am beginning to wonder if anyone at the Council monitors these reports or takes any notice of them. I reported the issue of the removed 'residents only' parking sign at the end of May 2019 and sent a follow-up on 4 September. Other residents have also made regular reports. However, apart from an auto-reply that the matter is 'under investigation. there has been no acknowledgement let alone a substantive reply. What is the point in having a 'FixMyStreet' reporting system if reports are ignored? Could I please have an answer to the questions I asked back on 29 May 2019, and can you advise when the 'Residents Only' parking sign at the entrance to Lambourne Crescent in Bicester will be replaced. Further, if you are not planning to replace the sign - which we assume was removed maliciously rather than by the Council - please have the courtesy to advise Lambourne Crescent residents. If I do not hear back from you within 48 hours I will lodge a complaint with your chief executive, Yvonne Rees, and seek a meeting with her and the senior manager responsible for roads & parking. Thank you Nick Sheppard 24 Lambourne Crescent Bicester

    Posted by Nick Sheppard at 08:59, Tue 1 October 2019

  • 8/10 - still no response to any of the posts above. Lambourne Crescent looking like a car park again. I have now added photos of cars parked here today. As it will only allow me to add 3 photos at a time I will have to create 3 posts today to enable all photos to be uploaded. Most of them are parked adjacent to the roundabout and opposite other cars making it difficult to drive through. How much longer do we have to endure this? Please action!

    Posted anonymously at 13:02, Tue 8 October 2019

  • 8/10 - cars parked. Part 2!

    Posted anonymously at 13:03, Tue 8 October 2019

  • 8/10 cars parked part 3!

    Posted anonymously at 13:03, Tue 8 October 2019

  • 8/10 - 2 furthers cars have now parked up. That makes a total of 10 non residents cars parked here today. This is not an unusual occurrence & if a resident had a visitor or doctor/nurse etc calling there would be no room for them to park!

    Posted anonymously at 13:27, Tue 8 October 2019

  • 9/10 In addition to all the usual suspects parking again today the owner of car BD67 UZK thought it would be a good idea to park against the centre of the Crescent opposite another car (which belongs to a resident of Lambourne Crescent) leaving a very tight space to get through and impossible for larger/delivery vehicles! Can someone from the council please have the courtesy to reply to our posts and queries. The car park behind Wilkinson’s has plenty of parking spaces. I have to pay when I use facilities in other areas so why can’t these car owners do the same. It is getting absolutely ridiculous and stressful for residents who do not have off street parking as they are returning home to no available parking. From a very frustrated resident (along with many others I’m sure!)

    Posted anonymously at 13:13, Wed 9 October 2019

  • 9/10 - the owner of vehicle AF09 VZR leaves his car in Lambourne Crescent every day and then uses the bike he keeps in his car to head off to the train station. He parks from 6am until 6-7pm, how much parking revenue are the council losing due to this?

    Posted anonymously at 18:24, Wed 9 October 2019

  • 10/10 - Yet again Lambourne Crescent is crammed with non residents cars. I believe a percentage of these work at the Family Services Offices on Landon Road. Two cars have parked so ridiculously this morning on opposites side of the entry to the Crescent that I have had to yet again turn away a delivery van as he is unable to gain access to the Crescent. As I believe these owners might work at the Family Services Office I have called them to ask them to move them as access can be gained. This has now taken up more of my day and again delayed delivery of my goods. As said previously an emergency vehicle would have severe problems getting into the Crescent and if the refuse truck tried to gain access it would also not get through causing further problems and delays to them. I believe that this issue has been raised by the refuse collectors on previous occasions when access problems occurred. Can this matter be treated as a matter of urgency as nothing has been heard from this office since the problem was originally raised in May. It seems to be like you are looking ‘after your own’ who get to park for free and hence blocking our Crescent but the residents can go and swivel!

    Posted anonymously at 10:16, Thu 10 October 2019

  • 10/10 Following on from my report this morning I have now spoken to a fellow resident who said that her relative had to park in one of the local council car parks for a fee as they were unable to park here due to all other non residents cars parked here. They added that last week or the week previously (she was unsure which week) the refuse truck was unable to gain access to the Crescent due to the amount of non resident cars parked here. The refuse workers then had to go to each house, collect the bins, walk down to the refuse truck and then return them which I’m sure would cause time delays to their round. In addition to this the driver of the refuse truck would have had to reverse down the Road from the Crescent and then reverse out onto the main road (Launton Road) which I believe might be an illegal manoeuvre but obviously through no fault of his own. I’m unsure if the refuse company has reported this.

    Posted anonymously at 12:29, Thu 10 October 2019

  • 12/10 - Cars KR10 VOD & LC09 WRZ (photos attached) are still parking in Lambourne Crescent on a regular and continuous basis. On dumping their cars here the owners then disappear into the Victoria Road area. Victoria Road has parking restrictions due to the problems they had previously so now residents of Lambourne Crescent have to endure the overflow from other streets. Do these cars belong to owners that reside in HMO as if this is the case there is obviously not enough parking for them! Another resident of Lambourne Crescent had to ask someone to move this morning as they had pulled up onto the central grass area to park to avoid blocking the road. This would not be acceptable in good weather let alone when the weather is bad as it will result in messy muddy ruts forming (I have attached a photo which is not very clear but I’m sure if the car had not been asked to move on the damage would have been much worse!) I certainly do not pay my council tax to live in a messy street & I’m sure the drivers who dump their cars here would not appreciate me doing this in their street. This problem was addressed around the areas surrounding Bicester Village & also Mallards Way previously so this practice of cars parking on our grass verges needs to be stopped before it escalates. In addition to this the refuse truck again had problems getting round the Crescent yesterday and one of the workers had to guide the driver round to avoid hitting cars that had parking stupidly and selfishly.

    Posted anonymously at 18:31, Sat 12 October 2019

  • 15/10 - Another week & yet again the parking concerns arise in Lambourne Crescent as the driver of car EE13 SSE thought it would be an intelligen (hint of sarcasm here in my use of the word intelligently) idea to park opposite a residents car blocking access for larger vehicles and making it very awkward for cars to drive through - as the attached photograph shows. Has anyone in the council bothered to read these posts and appreciate our concerns and doing anything to action a resolution?

    Posted anonymously at 10:52, Tue 15 October 2019

  • I'd like to advise neighbours on Lambourne Crescent that I wrote to the Chief Executive of Oxfordshire County Council, Yvonne Rees, on 10 October, about the parking issue and to complain about the Council's failure to respond to residents' comments on FixMyStreet. I received an interim reply the same day, which read: "thank you for raising these issues with me. I will speak with the team responsible and ensure you receive a response directly." This is a positive start and I await a full response shortly. I will follow-up with the Chief Executive if I do not receive a reply soon. Nick Sheppard 24 Lambourne Crescent Bicester

    Posted by Nick Sheppard at 08:04, Wed 16 October 2019

  • Thank you for your update Nick. Much appreciated. Burcham @ No 12.

    Posted anonymously at 09:52, Wed 16 October 2019

  • Lambourne cresent once again parking ussues with non residents . Returned from shopping to find a white focus about to park 1ft over my drive adjacent to a car which would of left a space near impossible for any large vehicle to pass. I asked them to move from my driveway and was asked why ? Do I live here ? ...she didn't!! she was parking to go to Garth park...9 non residents round the cresent at the moment.

    Posted anonymously at 13:44, Tue 22 October 2019

  • As you can see this morning non residents parking is on going. As you can see from attached photo large vehicles would struggle to get through. !!

    Posted anonymously at 10:36, Wed 23 October 2019

  • 23/10 - photos attached of all the cars that continue to use Lambourne Crescent as a car park. This is not a rare occurrence, this happens every day. Again several posts are needed to upload all the photos!

    Posted anonymously at 18:51, Wed 23 October 2019

  • 23/10 - more cars!

    Posted anonymously at 18:52, Wed 23 October 2019

  • 23/10 - and yet more cars!

    Posted anonymously at 18:55, Wed 23 October 2019

  • 24/10 Car reg DF66 HPN parked in Lambourne Crescent at 8am this morning. The driver then proceeded to take a scooter out of the car and headed out of the Crescent one can only presume to the direction of Bicester Village. I spoke to a resident yesterday and he informed me that when he emailed the council in regards to the why the “Residents Only” sign was removed he received a reply informing him that the police request that it be moved. If this is correct can the residents ask the reason for this because all it has bought us is is total inconvenience and unnecessary stress and hassle.

    Posted anonymously at 08:44, Thu 24 October 2019

  • We should all start parking our cars on the crescent instead of our driveways. Nowhere to park then for these idiots using our residential street for their free car park.

    This needs sorting out, it's an absolute joke of a situation.

    Posted anonymously at 11:36, Thu 24 October 2019

  • 28/10 - It is not even 8am and cars already parked in Lambourne Crescent. AF09 VZR - parks daily then uses bike to head off to Bicester Village train station. Returns approx 6-7pm DF66 HPN - parks then uses scooter to head to Bicester Village Train station. Returns approx 6pm. HN57 YSH - has already double parked opposite a residents car. LC09 WRZ & KR10 VOD owners still permanently using our street for their cars. They are not residents and believe they live in the Victoria Road or surrounding area. LC09 WRZ has again not moved for weeks. Why should Lambourne Crescent be the overflow car park for cars from other streets that have already been granted restricted/resident parking. Not all residents of Lambourne Crescent have off street parking and have been unable to park their cars due to non residents parking here on a daily bases. One resident had to park her car on the path recently as unable to park. She is a single woman and should not have to park elsewhere and walk to her house especially during the darker evenings. A resident stated that when she pointed out to one person who worked at the Family Services that it was residents only (prior to the sign being removed) that the Family Services workers were told to park here as it’s free by a certain Bicester council member (they named the person as a Ms DP) who obviously does not give a hoot about Bicester residents, just her fellow workers. I’m sure they would not be so agreeable to this practice if people constantly used their street to park causing endless grief and problems to them. All the residents I have spoken to are completely fed up with the whole situation and utterly hacked off with being ignored. There is no lack of car parks in the surrounding areas and so these cars should be using these, NOT our street!

    Posted anonymously at 08:59, Mon 28 October 2019

  • 28/10 - It has now been bought to my husbands attention today that the owners of cars LC09 WRZ & KR10 VOD reside at 57 Victoria Road in an apparent HMO. Has this house been declared as an HMO? The property has a driveway to hold up to 4 cars so why are the owners using our street to park their cars in? Is this to disguise that fact that there are a number of unrelated residents living there?

    Posted anonymously at 14:55, Mon 28 October 2019

  • To Lambourne Crescent residents, for information:

    As I didn't receive a full reply to my first email to the Chief Executive of Oxfordshire County Council (she sent an interim reply) I sent a follow-up email on 24 October and received the following response:

    Dear Mr Sheppard

    Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay replying to your email. Officers are investigating and a full response will be provided as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

    Jason Russell Interim Director Community Operations

    I await the promised full response and will pass it on to residents on this forum on receipt. I will also consider whether to print and hand-deliver copies of the response to all residents on the Crescent.

    Nick Sheppard 24 Lambourne Crescent Bicester

    Posted by Nick Sheppard at 10:08, Tue 29 October 2019

  • 29/10 - Again thank you Nick for the update. I have added photos that I took yesterday evening approx 5:45pm of a car that had been parked in the street from 8:45am. As the photos were taken when it was darker they are not the clearest but you can see that they had parked up on the grass verge. So the driver could obviously not manage to get their car squeezed into already limited space around the Crescent due to other non residents cars they decided the park it up on the grass verge which is completely and utterly unacceptable and this practice must be stopped with immediate effect. We pay our tax to have our streets and surrounding areas maintained to a good order only to have someone who is too tight to pay for parking to think it is ok to shove her car up on the verge with no consideration to residents and grass areas. What a complete selfish act on their behalf and disgusting behaviour.

    Posted anonymously at 12:41, Tue 29 October 2019

  • This is a copy of a reply I received back in August!!! How long does it take to investigate a street sign removal?

    Thank you for your report. We were requested to remove this type of sign from Thaems valley police. This is under review.

    State changed to: Investigation complete

    Posted by Oxfordshire County Council at 11:40, Wednesday 14 August 2019

    Posted anonymously at 12:51, Tue 29 October 2019

  • I am still totally baffled as to why the police would ask the council to remove a ‘residents only’ sign. Are they not aware of all the issues this has created. All it has caused is stress and misery for all the residents of the Crescent. In the past residents have been verbally abused, sworn at and dealt with aggressive behaviour towards them and have now been accused of putting up the residents only sign ourselves. This was definitely not the case, the sign was put up by a serving member of the council when the parking issues were raised previously and who tried to be helpful in alleviating the continuous problem. I have lived in Lambourne Crescent for a great number of years and have always experienced this problem and we have had to endure drivers using it to park and either go to work, shop in town and although it is not a weekly occurrence when there is an event at Garth Park every man and his dog attempts park here for free, parking on the grass verges, double parking or hindering access to the street and when asked to move we have been given mouthfuls of abuse.

    Posted anonymously at 13:24, Tue 29 October 2019

  • 30/10 The owner of car EK65 VOV uses Lambourne Crescent as a car park every day. He works at his fathers garage Bicester Tyres and Exhaust centre on Victoria Road so there is nothing to stop him parking there. On the occasions he has been asked to move when either blocking the road or when the Residents Only sign was in situ the residents have always been subjected to a barrage of abuse from him. On one of these occasions he started to approach me in a loud and threatening manner only to stop when he saw my husband behind me in my house doorway and backed off. As you can see by the photos I have attached he has pulled up onto the verge which he has now already started to damage. This is a very heavy vehicle that will do severe damage to the verges and as I have started in previous posts why should we have to put up with this selfish and damaging behaviour? The residents are sick to the back teeth with it all. We are one of the only streets that has not been granted parking restrictions and the council cannot continue to use the excuse that some houses have driveways. Not all the houses do and non residents cars continue to cause problems by taking up spaces for residents cars, double parking causing access problems and wrecking the verges that we pay for to be maintained. This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

    Posted anonymously at 16:57, Wed 30 October 2019

  • I've received a detailed response from the Council explaining why the 'Parking for Residents Only' sign was removed back in April. It also apologises for the Council's failure to inform residents.

    The email, while not offering an early solution to the problem, outlines the position clearly. I'll copy the full email into FixMyStreet to ensure all residents following the issue here are informed, and will consider how best to inform other Lambourne Crescent residents (e.g. perhaps by printing out the email and putting a copy in every letterbox, with a covering note?).

    Essentially, the sign (along with others around Bicester) was removed by the Council at the request of the police because it was unenforceable (unlike a yellow line or a permit holders only scheme). Reading between the lines, I think the police may have been called to disputes over parking, but were powerless to act, so asked for the signs to come down.

    As Lambourne Crescent residents we'll need to consider the next steps needed to stop (or reduce) parking by non-residents - the sign will NOT be put back - but this is best done by seeking views of residents outside the FixMyStreet forum.

    Copy of the Council's email in next post.

    Nick Sheppard 24 Lambourne Crescent

    Posted by Nick Sheppard at 10:43, Thu 31 October 2019

  • As promised in my earlier post, here is the full text of the email I received yesterday afternoon from Oxfordshire County Council, about non-resident parking in Lambourne Crescent.

    Nick 24 Lambourne Crescent

    Dear Mr Sheppard

    Apologies again for the delay in responding. Officers have investigated the background to the parking issues on Lambourne Crescent, which you first raised with the Chief Executive on 10 October.

    The ‘Residents Only Parking’ sign was put up some years ago (and in other locations in Bicester), but as you say there is no formal residents’ parking scheme in place and no traffic regulation to restrict parking either. Following complaints to the police about the situation on another street in Bicester, the police asked that these signs be removed as they had no legal status and officers therefore complied with the request from the police and removed the signs.

    There should have been a letter to residents affected by this change so that you were aware of the situation and I apologise that this was not the case.

    At present the county council does not put in new residents parking schemes outside Oxford as there is no effective way of enforcing them, this situation is currently being considered. Parking restrictions are also being considered which could include a single yellow line with an associated time restriction, however any such restrictions would be dependent upon suitable funding being sourced.

    Unfortunately, without some form of restrictive scheme in place any member of the public can park there, as long as they are not causing obstruction; if you think there is an issue for emergency services, as you mention below, then this should be reported to the police.

    Regarding the lack of response which you and other residents have experienced in reporting this on FixMyStreet, thank you for bringing this to my attention. We have become aware that there have been some issues and are taking steps to remedy this but I apologise for the poor service you have received as this falls far below the standards we seek to provide for our customers.

    I am sorry that it is not possible to offer more at this time but hope that this helps to clarify the situation.

    Yours sincerely

    Jason Russell Interim Director Community Operations Communities

    Oxfordshire County Council | County Hall | New Road | Oxford | OX1 1ND

    Posted by Nick Sheppard at 10:49, Thu 31 October 2019

  • Thank you again for the update Nick and I agree that without further action from the residents I foresee that nothing will/can be done by the council and it will just get worse and worse. It is causing endless problems for us all so I think we do need to proceed with trying to take this further & agree that the printed letter through all the letterboxes is the next step forward and happy to help in any which way I can to do this. Obviously I’m not aware of council budgets and costs for works but really how much does it cost to put a yellow line round with the addition of a notice giving parking time restrictions? It appears that the council/police are more concerned for those that wish to dump their cars in various streets for free parking rather than the effect it is having on residents of those streets. There are enough car parks in the area for use.

    Posted anonymously at 11:51, Thu 31 October 2019

  • Hi Nick and thanks for the update. Where mentioned above as "parking restrictions are also being considered", this should most definitely be followed up on, with any updates and timelines being published by the council on a regular basis to indicate to residents that the "considerations" are progressive and not being left to drift endlessly on. Two way communication is key to the resolution of this matter and apologies from the Interim Director are rendered somewhat irrelevant if future communication and feedback is not improved dramatically. As suggested, the matter regarding obstructions, parking on verges etc, should continue to be reported to the police on a case by case basis by residents as deemed necessary.

    Posted anonymously at 13:06, Thu 31 October 2019

  • 6/11 - photos taken today of car reg OY16 YDS who parked up onto the central grass verge of the Crescent to avoid causing obstruction. This was also reported on 101. As previously stated on here this behaviour is not acceptable and request the council now move forward on our requests and sort the parking situation ASAP. I have added a paragraph of an email sent to Mr Sheppard on 30th October from Jason Russell below.

    “At present the county council does not put in new residents parking schemes outside Oxford as there is no effective way of enforcing them, this situation is currently being considered. Parking restrictions are also being considered which could include a single yellow line with an associated time restriction, however any such restrictions would be dependent upon suitable funding being sourced”

    Surely common sense would prove that prevention is better that cure and the initial funding of painting a yellow line with additional time restriction notices would be more cost efficient that continuously sending a team out to repair the damage to grass verges.

    Posted anonymously at 13:11, Wed 6 November 2019

  • 11/11 I have added a number of photographs taken today which show the idiotic and selfish parking by non residents yet again. One car KG56 TFK has not only parked over the dropped kerb/driveway of No. 5 but has parked opposite car HN57 YSH making it virtually impossible for cars parked on the driveway of No. 6 to exit from their driveway. I just managed to squeeze my car through the space left on the road today so no way would an emergency vehicle be able to get through.

    Posted anonymously at 15:01, Mon 11 November 2019

  • 11/11 Further photos to show ridiculous parking.

    Posted anonymously at 15:02, Mon 11 November 2019

  • 11/11 Photo added

    Posted anonymously at 15:04, Mon 11 November 2019

  • 14/11/19 I have added photos of 10 non resident cars parked in Lambourne Crescent yet again today. It is getting beyond a joke now and causing continuous problems with access and obstruction. As you can see in one of the photos the owner of car KL68 ACU decided so they wouldn’t cause any obstruction as other cars already parked here that they would pull up onto the grass verge. I’m sure the owner would not appreciate it if others parked in their street wrecking the verges and making a complete mess of the area. As reported previously on a number of occasions this must be stopped immediately and prompt action needs to be taken.

    Posted anonymously at 11:42, Thu 14 November 2019

  • 14/11/19 - further evidence photos

    Posted anonymously at 11:44, Thu 14 November 2019

  • 11/14 /19 - yet more cars!

    Posted anonymously at 11:46, Thu 14 November 2019

  • 14/11/19 - yet another car.

    Posted anonymously at 11:47, Thu 14 November 2019

  • 14/11/19 A further two cars have now parked here. That is a total of 12 non residents cars here again today.

    Posted anonymously at 12:57, Thu 14 November 2019

  • 14/11/19 OY16 YDS - 13th car parked in Lambourne Crescent today. Working on an average of £6.00 per car per day to park in official car parks (this is probably a very low average!) but working off this figure for 13 cars the council are losing over £18000 a year in revenue.

    Posted anonymously at 13:57, Thu 14 November 2019

  • 14/11/19 DG12 KTK - 14th car of the day. It is getting worse by the day as Lambourne Crescent is obviously getting known that is is free parking for anyone and they not even appreciating the impact and stress this is having on the residents.

    Posted anonymously at 15:14, Thu 14 November 2019

  • 20/11/19 Yet again car reg OY16 YDS has parked up on the grass verge (photo attached). This car has been reported previously due to parking on the verges and/or causing obstruction and he needs to be stopped from carrying out this practice immediately.

    Posted anonymously at 14:43, Wed 20 November 2019

  • 22/11/19 8:30am and Lambourne Crescent is already rammed with 11 non residents cars. 3 of these cars are continuously left here 24/7 (reg KR10 VOD, FD12 ZBC. & LC09 WRZ) If these cars are unable to park on their own streets due to parking restrictions why do residents of Lambourne Crescent have to endure them! We are not a dumping ground! I have attached a photo of the refuse truck this morning as they were unable to get through safely due to cars yet again double parking.

    Posted anonymously at 13:18, Fri 22 November 2019

  • 22/11/19

    Posted anonymously at 13:19, Fri 22 November 2019

  • 22/11/19

    Posted anonymously at 13:21, Fri 22 November 2019

  • 22/11/19 Photos including one of the refuse truck who were unable to pass through the cars this morning.

    Posted anonymously at 13:24, Fri 22 November 2019

  • 25/11 8:30am and yet again 12 non-residents cars already parked in Lambourne Crescent. One car DL1 OBY thought it was a good idea to park over the driveway of No.3 making it very difficult for the owner to get their car out if required. Photos of all cars uploaded.

    Posted anonymously at 16:38, Mon 25 November 2019

  • 25/11

    Posted anonymously at 16:39, Mon 25 November 2019

  • 25/11

    Posted anonymously at 16:40, Mon 25 November 2019

  • 25/11

    Posted anonymously at 16:44, Mon 25 November 2019

  • 25/11

    Posted anonymously at 16:45, Mon 25 November 2019

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