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Reported anonymously at 12:32, Sun 27 January 2019

This junction is poorly designed leading to poor traffic flow. The bus lane is a complete false economy because the traffic backs up and everyone is held up for 10 - 15 minutes. The bus lane is short and so busses are held up much further back to make up only a few minutes when they get nearer the lights. This whole junction would be faster with a proper filter lane. Traffic turning right in to Bridge St, backs up along Windsor street. This blocks cars leaving George st as it only takes one car wanting to go this way to stop everyone leaving the junction. Meanwhile the left (ahead) lane on Windsor road is clear but no one can get to it due to the left filter from george st being only for buses. Furthermore buses can't get to the bus lane because it is short and traffic is backing up all along the road. If the left filter lane was for all traffic the whole junction would move a lot faster.